Delivering education
and physical safe spaces.

Safer Spaces is the next step to creating equality and safety for all at festivals and events through education, training and providing vital, immediate and specialist support.

Who are we?

Safer Spaces is a community interest company that was set up to help educate and create a culture that confronts and prevents sexual violence, harassment and domestic abuse at festivals and events; providing all women and girls access to specialist support, reporting and ongoing localised referral pathways.

We are gender informed but our services are gender inclusive, turning no one away that needs a safe space.

What do we do?

We use specially trained outreach teams educating and engaging festival goers, staff and vendors with zero tolerance and don't be a bystander messaging, to de-stigmatise talking about and reporting sexual violence.

Our tents are set up as a welcoming safe space where people can come and hang out, use facilities and escape to some calmness. The tents also provide a safe space for people to report incidents and get the professional support they need.

Why we do what
we do?

Safer Spaces will make festivals and events safe for all women and girls; creating a fun and inclusive environment, free from sexual violence and harassment.

Festival and event organisers have long overlooked the experiences of women and girls and, like all parts of our society, dismissed the issue of sexual violence and events - this is not acceptable and we are here to change that.

Why did we set up Safer Spaces?

We set it up as a result of personal and professional experience and exposure to the epidemic level of harassment, abuse and assaults of women and girls disclosed relating to concerts, festivals and events. The level of reluctant acceptance of it felt by women and girls.

It has to change, so we are going to change it.

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Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention and Response Training

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Proud Charity Partner of

Anna MacGregor

Anna has 10 years of professional experience in the sector of domestic abuse and sexual violence (DASV) and 15 years of lived experience. She has experience of working with people in crisis and recovery from DASV and also strategic leadership within the local and national sector.